Investor Relations

Financial Overview

As of June, 2007, Security National Master Holding Company, LLC (SNMHC) had assets totaling $2.25 billion in loan portfolios. The Company finances its loan acquisition and servicing business with warehouse lines provided by several major financial institutions. To date, the Company has issued 19 term securitizations and three liquidating trusts, with initial bond balances in excess of $2.39 billion.

Liquidity and Funding Sources

The Company has enjoyed long-standing relationships with several major financial institutions and has access to revolving credit facilities. The Company also has access to the capital markets, where it regularly issues various structures. This allows the company to manage warehouse capacity as well as hedge its interest rate exposure.


Silva Gurtner & Abney, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants is SNMHC's external auditor and is involved in the year-end audit as well as deal-specific projects. Additionally, the Company has established an internal auditing department to review the company’s policies, procedures, risks and controls. While SNMHC is not a public company and therefore not governed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, they have been evaluated as substantially compliant with the Act.
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