Security National Properties, an affiliate of Security National Master Holding Company, LLC, is a rapidly growing, well-capitalized, commercial real estate company. We focus on under-performing commercial assets, including properties with recent vacancies, poor management teams, or depressed market conditions.

Our success in this business is the result of our disciplined 5-step approach:
  1. Value-Added Acquisitions – we purchase assets with the potential to generate significant value through our network of institutional relationships.
  2. Stabilization of Assets – we stabilize the performance of the acquired assets through aggressive leasing and cost-cutting measures.
  3. Capital Improvements – we reinvest in the property to ensure long-term value.
  4. Amortization – we aggressively pay down debt creating a portfolio of free and clear assets.
  5. Reinvestment – we continually reinvest our excess cash flow into additional acquisitions or for debt reduction.
Our goal is to make the process of selling your commercial assets as simple, efficient and timely as possible. Our experienced team of acquisition and leasing professionals has the ability to quickly evaluate prospective leasing or acquisition opportunities in any market in the country. As a privately owned, closely held company with financing in place, Security National Properties can make leasing and purchase decisions quickly.

We work diligently to develop long-term, secure relationships based on mutual trust and proven performance. We look forward to working with you.
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