SN Trading, LLC

The Company

SN Trading, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SN Master Holding Company, specializing in whole loan trading. SN has a long history of purchasing Performing, Sub-Performing, and Non-Performing loans. In 2012, the company opened its trading desk to take advantage of its whole loan experience. SN Trading is an intermediary for clients looking to buy and sell whole loans. Major benefits SN Trading looks to provide its clients include:

  • Creating an efficient process for the movement of residential and commercial loans; including Performing, Sub-Performing, and Non-Performing,
  • Maximize loan sale recoveries and buying opportunities by connecting buyers and sellers to efficiently and effectively trade loans,
  • Well established solid investor base of residential and commercial principal Buyers and Sellers,
  • Conduct transactions on a negotiated basis allowing for more transparent dealings,
  • Customizable loan sales process,
  • Maximize loan recoveries by matching loans/portfolios to niche buyers,
  • Quick and reliable results for clients looking for liquidity.

Loan Offerings

Details about loans currently offered for sale can be downloaded below.

No loans are currently available

Please contact David Pollio for more information:

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