Third Party Servicing

Third Party Servicing

For more than 25 years, SN Servicing Corporation has managed its own distressed loans. Along the way, they’ve developed an approach that has brought them extraordinary success. Now, SN Servicing Corporation is offering their services to you.

Why SN Servicing Corporation’s approach to distressed loan management works:
  • Experience
    We’ve been at this for more than two decades and our specialized approach works!

  • High-Touch approach
    Our team of client-friendly experts specializes in managing troubled loans from the time they are loaded into our system through disposition, i.e. from the cradle to the grave, creating a strong sense of trust, thus higher collection rates.

  • Proven track record of success
    Why should you reinvent the wheel when we’ve already created a better wheel for you?

If you want to improve your rate of collections on distressed mortgages, then contact us today.

It’s worked for us for more than 25 years. Isn’t it time you let us work for you?
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